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Goodbye, Summer.

Summer is officially over. Tomorrow marks the start of a whole new school term. In all honesty, this summer didn’t feel as fun or relaxed compared to the previous one, but i am thankful for this 4 months break. 

I am thankful that i got to rest a lot more. I am thankful that i had such a good break away from the books. I am thankful that i was provided a job opportunity. I am thankful that i had people close to me spending summer together with me. 

Last semester was sadly, the worst academic semester of my SMU journey in terms of grades and time management. And i will make sure that it stays this way. Because the worst has passed and i am going to make every semester count from tomorrow onwards.

God, teach me to lean on you for strength when all my strength is gone and i feel so weak. I can’t do this alone but i know i can do all these through You. Lead me to make the right decisions.

Year 3 Sem 1 let’s go.

We all live on borrowed time.

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